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A step by step guide to cleaning your toilets

December 9th, 2017

This is probably the most disgusting household cleaning chore.  But, it has to be done, and there is a right way to do it.  Follow this step by step guide, and you will have a clean, disinfected, and shiny toilet when you are done.

Step 1:  Get everything you need to clean. We recommend a disinfecting cleaner, a toilet cleaning brush, micro fiber towels, pumice stone, and rubber gloves (consider wearing eye protection).

Step 2: Put on your rubber gloves to get started.  Flush the toilet.  Use the toilet bowl brush to push the water down.

Step 3: Spray the disinfecting cleaner inside the toilet.  Use your microfiber towel and scrub the inside of your toilet remembering to get under the rim.  If you have a ‘toilet ring’ use the pumice stone to scrub it off of the bowl (these can only be used on white toilets – color toilets a pumice stone will scratch the paint)

Step 4: Use a microfiber towel and the disinfecting cleaner to clean the outside of the toilet (the top of the rim, the seat, and the rest of the toilet bowl).  A best practice for this is to spray the cleaner on the microfiber rag, not on the toilet bowl.


  • Using a microfiber rag to clean the inside of the toilet is more effective than using the toilet bowl brush
  • Consider wearing eye protections
  • Use environmentally responsible cleaners and nothing with bleach
  • You may have to get on your knees to clean the toilet, consider wearing knee pads